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The Al Corniche Club is home to enviable pool and beach facilities perched on the edge of the Arabian Gulf Sea.  There is no doubt that our outdoor space is a particular selling point to the club.  After spending, much of your week in the office, in front of a computer, on the road or at home, it is a refreshing and necessary luxury to enjoy a little time outdoors.

With palms trees, an abundance of sun loungers and waiter service you are guaranteed that ‘down time’ you have been craving for both you and your family.  We take particular care with our poolside presentation and the cleanliness of both our grassy areas and beach.  All of which are attended by lifeguards, gardeners and housekeeping.

Our pool is 23 meters long, 2.3 meters at its deepest and moderated at a temperature between 29-31C, suitable for both training and leisure swimming alike.  There are three training lanes permanently featured on the far side of the pool, a popular haunt for our triathletes.

However, there are also ample shallows for your little ones to splash about in under the watchful eyes of our lifeguard team.  Additionally, there is also a ‘tots’ pool on the grassy area with surrounding sun loungers, perfect for mums and dads to supervise whilst relaxing themselves.  In short, the pictures will speak for themselves.

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