Proud of our little Spartans!


Well Done Mini Thirsty Camels!

Last Friday (19th January), our younger Corniche athletes did us proud by competing as a team of 12 in the Spartan Kids race known as the Mini Thirsty Camels.  The race itself varies in distance depending on the age group and goes up to 1.5km with a minimum of 7 obstacles.  In Spartan words:

 “We encourage kids to jump, run, get muddy, help each other and have a good time while conquering obstacles.  You’re never too young to set goals and celebrate accomplishing them”

 …and we couldn’t agree more.  Our Corniche team of Mini Thirsty Camels were split into 3 teams to represent within their relevant age groups, these being the ‘Tiny’, ‘Growing up’ and ‘Pre Teen’ Mini Thirsty Camels.  In the ‘Tiny’ group (4-8yrs) we had Ariki, Jeanne, Jess, Celia and Taliya.  In the ‘Growing up group (9-12yrs) we had Lulu, Jules, Issam, Fadi and Patrick and finally in the ‘Pre Teen’ group (12-15 yrs) we had Anisa and Leena. 


In the run up to the event the team trained with Coach Cyprien to make sure that they were event day ready.  This is the first time that any of the kids had taken part in a Spartan like event and so a little bit of training before hand really helped with their confidence and instilled the sense of team work required. As with all such events, the key was ‘finishing as a team’.  In every regard, the day was a huge success but we love the comradery evident within their training and expressed on the day.  We also want to say a huge thank you to the parents for organizing and representing the Corniche community in such a positive light! 

 As a club, we are exceptionally passionate about getting kids active from a young age and starting healthy habits early.  Frankly, anything that encourages young ones outdoors, to interact socially and move away from a screen is something we are happy to support.  In today’s tech heavy world, this can be a challenge at times but our Mini Thirsty Camels team are proof that there is fun to be had outside of iPads.  Not to mention the personal sense of achievement and team pride to be felt after completing a challenging course.  Naturally, we hope this is the first of many team events and we look forward to hearing more from the Corniche Mini Thirsty Camels.  Well done team!


Some feedback from the kids… 

“I fell but didn't cry because I didn't want to lose time... Do I still have to eat healthy now the race is done? .... I really need that cake to help my body recover quicker... my muscles are telling me they need sugar” [Jeanne]

 “I feel like the same ball in my stomach as the day I had that Math test and I thought I was not ready...I would rather eat the mud than do burpees!” [Jules]


 “I loved the water obstacles, they freezing but awesome.   Can we do it again next year please?” [Jess]


 In summary, there was some pre-race nervous excitement, some time-driven resilience, an introduction to burpees (Jules, we hear you!), an excuse to eat cake and most importantly a desire to do it again!

 If you’re reading this and think that this it is something your Corniche youngster would like to get involved in.  Get in touch so we can include you in any future updates.