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Helping the children of today become the champions of tomorrow… It is a well-known fact that children are not as active as they used to be. In general, youngsters today spend less time climbing trees and more time in front of a screen, be it a computer or television; estimates suggest more than 5 hours a day. Additionally, childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes are becoming ever more prevalent in the younger generations. Kuwait in particular was recently placed as the ‘5th most obese nation on earth’.

It is for these reasons, amongst many others that we view kids’ fitness to be an essential and integral part of our club. Our classes cater for all children over 3 yrs. With a large variety of activities for your tots and teens to choose from, including classes, kids camps and competitions, they will always find something that they love to keep them full of life.

We believe that by encouraging children to be active, whilst educating them in healthy lifestyle choices in a fun and stimulating environment, we are providing them with the stepping-stones to a healthy future.

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