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The Blue Lounge Restaurant is central to the Al Corniche, both physically and metaphorically. The stunning views combined with the relaxed and elegant ambience provide the perfect setting for what is the social heart of the club. Whether, it is pre-massage, post work out or whilst soaking up some sun on the terrace, the restaurant is the common thread that bonds all of our members.

Your fellow members become your friends, and unlike the transient nature of restaurants elsewhere, these familiar faces become an inevitable staple and undeniable highlight to your daily life.

As a team, the food and beverage department take huge pride in the high standards we set for ourselves, and the food we serve. Our members designed the menu itself and we continue to make amendments throughout the year based on their needs, wants and culinary desires.

We get to know our members, from how you like your eggs in the morning to how your little one prefers their pasta and their sauce to be kept separate. It is the small things and attention to detail that transform the Blue Lounge Restaurant from a simple provider of food to an unforgettable dining experience.

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