We know that fulfilling the needs of our members means being attentive to the whole family, including tots and teens.

It is for this reason that we place a big emphasis on providing an exciting and dynamic kids programme as well as an impeccable crèche service.  Just as we nurture a warm homely atmosphere amongst our adult community, we work hard to mirror these sentiments with our younger members.


Creche & Childcare

Safety and well-being is of course at the top of our priorities, but additionally we have created an environment that is both fun and stimulating with heaps of friendly faces.

To help us manage our time and ensure your children get the care they deserve, we ask that you book one day in advance. If you have made an impromptu visit to the club, we will always try to remain flexible and accommodate where we can. However, booking is always advised.


Kids Fitness

Also known as the iFit Team
(as named by some of our younger members).

The iFit team are an essential and integral part of our club who cater to the needs of all our members aged 3 – 16 yrs.  This is one of our fastest growing aspects of the club with continuous additions to classes, activities and camps made in response to both adult and child member feedback. It is not uncommon for our iFit team to add impromptu classes, adapt activities to those taking part or amend timings so that mums and dads can attend their favourite group exercise class.  Our parent members are forever singing the praises of this team and we happen to agree. This is a highly dynamic group of individuals who are not short of energy or creativity.  If you are new to the club, say hi to Miss Lynne and start exploring the options available for your youngsters. 

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Our kids programmes are sponsored by. Intersport and Crocs

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