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Make the distinction between a ‘fitness regime’ and a ‘lifestyle choice’!

Perhaps you are a triathlete in training, exercise and the gym are your second nature, you would like a quick tour of the facilities and then you are happy to get on with it. Or, perhaps you are a mum of two looking to lose a couple of those stubborn pregnancy pounds and you can think of nothing more terrifying than stepping into a gym environment. Our fitness team believes that the key to your success, whatever your fitness goals may be, is personalized attention.

Your individual differences and preferences will play a large part in finding the right type of exercise to suit your personal needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and that is why our fitness team is dedicated to help find what is right for you!

From the very beginning, our fitness team will work closely with you, to build a program that motivates you, inspires you and inevitably leaves you feeling good. Whether you are interested in working with one of our 15+ internationally certified Personal Trainers, joining one of our 70 exercise classes offered each week, want to get involved in some team training or if you are happy to do your own thing. We will cater to your needs to ensure that exercise, fitness and well-being are a continually enjoyable and sustainable part of your lifestyle.

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