Al Corniche Club is home to enviable pool and beach facilities perched on the edge of the Arabian Gulf Sea. 

It is no secret that access to greenery and a private beach are somewhat of a luxury in Kuwait, of which we are proud to have both.  With palms trees, an abundance of sun loungers and waiter service you are guaranteed that ‘down time’ you have been craving for both you and your family.  We take particular care with our poolside maintenance and the upkeep of both our grassy areas and beach cleanliness - all of which are attended by lifeguards, gardeners and housekeeping.



We are exceptionally fortunate to have such a luxurious and versatile outside space for our members to enjoy.

From secluded grassy gardens, children’s play facilities and a protected beach, to a purpose-built paddling pool with water fountains for your little ones, there really is a little something for the whole family.  As well as enjoying leisurely weekends in the sun, our members often make use of the outdoors by joining our Gig Rowing team, taking the kayaks or paddleboards out for the morning or simply by letting us be a part of their celebrations with children’s birthday parties and social gatherings hosted on the lawn.


Hear about Bri's experiences at the club

As soon as we walked in we had a brief tour around and we thought this is the place we want to be.
— Bri

The beaches

A soft sand beach set amongst trees, thatched umbrellas, individual sun loungers and outdoor seating for groups, this is one of the most utilized areas of the club.

There is plenty of shade for families and even a zip line for the more adventurous youngsters. The beach provides options to suit all energy levels with areas allocated for volleyball, football and swimming with lifeguards present at all hours to ensure safety is a priority.  The swimming area is protected with a sea barrier during jet ski season and the housekeeping team are passionate about beach cleanliness.  All in all, Al Corniche is arguably home to one of the nicest private beaches in Kuwait. 



Al Corniche Club is more to me than a place to workout, it has the best trainers to train with, very friendly 

staff and it's an amazing facility to socialize, relax and just has it all!! I call it my 'second home'! 


— Rania



Our pool is 23 meters long, 2.3 meters at its deepest and moderated at a temperature between 29-31c, suitable for both training and leisure swimming alike.

After spending much of your week in the office, in front of a computer, on the road or at home, it is a refreshing and necessary luxury to enjoy a little time outdoors or take a dip in the pool.  With pool temperatures adjusted throughout the seasons, the pool area is a club favourite whatever the weather.



Our beach cabanas, as you would expect, are located a stone’s throw away from the white sands of our beach.

We have seven double cabanas available for day use only, all are fully equipped with beds, bathroom facilities, ‘to-the-door’ waiter service, cable television and basic kitchen amenities, including a fridge.  These little hideaways are ideal for our members who wish to visit the club and make a day of it.  Pack your bag and move in for the day!  

These facilities are particularly useful during the warmer months when a little midday siesta is a must, not to mention a life-saver when the kids get tired, grumpy and just need to rest for a couple of hours.  The cabanas are particularly useful for families who can treat the space as an extension of their home, resting in midday sun and enjoying the cooler hours without the toing and froing in the weekend traffic.



Al Corniche club is sponsored by Intersport



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